Midsummer Check-In

Hello there. It's been awhile. It's midsummer and I've been slogging through the s--t for months on months, however, I have news and images to share.

I recently pulled it together long enough to send some 'zines out to a group of people I admire. One of them was the talented Jonathan Blaustein, who does the photography book reviews over at A Photo Editor. I've always enjoyed his sarcasm and wit and his insights have always left me feeling smarter for having read the reviews. To my surprise my mailing launched him into a DIY rant and review of my little 'zines that I found, despite being called romantic, insightful and encouraging. Though unexpected, I was very pleased and you can read the review here. Thank you Jonathan.

Additionally, I recently took some time to have a few old fashioneds and go through some images from last year. There was a short spell of about a month, after I returned from Montana, where I was obsessed with shooting color square images. See below.

Enjoy the rest of your summer.