We Will Rock You

Bohemian Rhapsody, the biographical film about the British rock band Queen, was recently released and though I haven't seen it, I did spend a portion of my summer documenting the production of We Will Rock You, a rock musical based on the songs of Queen performed at Blank Canvas Theatre. It was a great joy and being able to witness the cast's dedication and skill in pulling it together in a short four weeks of rehearsal time was an honor and more than inspiring. I'm still kicking my brains around the floor trying to get some of those Queen songs out of my head...

"Take care of those you call your own and keep good company."

Happy Holidays.

Go Skateboarding Day 2018

I recently attended the Go Skateboarding Day festivities with Public Square Group at the Lakewood Skatepark. Held every year on the longest day of the year, Go Skateboarding Day is a cooperative of decentralized events that take place around the globe. Since my first forays into photography were shooting my friends skateboarding and because I was actively involved in efforts to get the Lakewood Skatepark built, way back in 2005, while also participating in it's design, this was particularly exciting for me.

Heading West

In March my wife and I took a road trip throughout the southwest (actually we were eloping to Santa Fe and honeymooning). Of course it's too amazing to not make some landscape pictures and my wife is too amazing not to have patience with my constant want for stopping, turning around, and general love of tourists doing what tourist do.

Midsummer Check-In

Hello there. It's been awhile. It's midsummer and I've been slogging through the s--t for months on months, however, I have news and images to share.

I recently pulled it together long enough to send some 'zines out to a group of people I admire. One of them was the talented Jonathan Blaustein, who does the photography book reviews over at A Photo Editor. I've always enjoyed his sarcasm and wit and his insights have always left me feeling smarter for having read the reviews. To my surprise my mailing launched him into a DIY rant and review of my little 'zines that I found, despite being called romantic, insightful and encouraging. Though unexpected, I was very pleased and you can read the review here. Thank you Jonathan.

Additionally, I recently took some time to have a few old fashioneds and go through some images from last year. There was a short spell of about a month, after I returned from Montana, where I was obsessed with shooting color square images. See below.

Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Eggleston Knockoffs

The National Bison Range